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Nuru Kenya Cooperative Leader Training March 2016

60 new cooperative leaders trained in Nuru leadership philosophy

| Leadership | No Comments

Nuru Kenya Leadership is a sustainability program. As such, its goal is to ensure that community leaders are equipped to continuously implement impact at the local level. When Nuru Kenya…

Frank Kitonga Nuru Social Enterprises Chicken House

How a community of farmers inspired me to leave Corporate Africa and join Nuru Social Enterprises

| Nuru Model | No Comments

I spent the last 17 years working for some of the finest, most prestigious businesses in Africa and in the world as well. I enjoy Corporate Africa. It’s about strategic…

Yonas Arega, Feven Yimer, and Zelalem Abera board a Kenya Airways flight on their way to Isibania, Kenya

Knowledge Shared and Friendships Made: Nuru Ethiopia/Nuru Kenya Exchange Visit

| Nuru Views | No Comments

In March 2017, staff members from Nuru Ethiopia visited the original Nuru project in Isibania, Kenya. None of the Ethiopian staff had ever left their home country and two of…